Pricing and Schedule

Unlimited Memberships

We offer a wide variety of classes at

The H.I.T. Factory  for people of all fitness levels. From boxing and spin, to calisthenics and weight training there's something for everyone!

Drop in class - $30
Monthly Membership - $150

(with 6 month contract)
Single Month Membership - $215

Claim Your $75 One Week Unlimited PAss!


We offer packages for people who are interested in taking just CYCLE HIT!

All CYCLE HIT package members will be allowed to reserve classes 7 days in advance, and will receive special discounts on all CYCLE HIT events!


$400 per 20 CYCLE HIT rides 

$250 per 10 CYCLE HIT rides

$150 per 5 CYCLE HIT rides

Personal Training

We offer personal training to help our members reach individual fitness goals.


With a wide variety of trainers to choose from, we promise you will receive the best training


$90 per single session
$435 per 5-pack
$850 per 10- pack

Kids Boxing

We offer kids classes for children under the age of 18!


Your child will learn the fundamentals of boxing as well as the importance of maintaining a healthy lifestyle!

$12 per drop-in time slot
$85 per month unlimited

Claim Your $75 One Week Unlimited PAss!


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