the h.i.t. factory team

The HIT Factory team is dedicated to empowering our members, and helping them build the best versions of themselves through training and living a healthy lifestyle. 

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Tommy Cadotte
Founder and Head Trainer

A native of Bay Ridge Brooklyn, Tommy founded H.I.T. Factory in 2015. He has fourteen years of experience boxing for the NYPD and FDNY and is the 2003 Golden Gloves Champion.

Tommy has decades of experience training boxing teams, teaching  group classes, as well as personal training individuals who are eager to achieve a healthy lifestyle through boxing and fitness.

Tommy worked to help create the H.I.T. Machine - a multifunctional fitness cage that gives individuals a unique exercise experience.


He is most passionate about bringing  a broad range of fitness classes to people who want real results.


Tommy believes that every person has it within themselves to reach their highest potential--As long as they put in the work! 

Vince Oyangoren
Head Trainer

Vince Oyangoren is co-owner and head trainer at H.I.T. Factory. He is also the founder of Invinceable Fitness Studio and a former FDNY EMT.

Vince is a well known personal trainer in Brooklyn, New York.


He combines calisthenics, original exercises, and  functional movements in order to target specific muscle groups and help his clients achieve their goals. 

He is extremely passionate about changing  people's mindsets and outlook on life through health and fitness.


He believes that a person's energy can help them do anything they set their mind to, and he is passionate about spreading positivity to every person he encounters.


A proud father, Vince is devoted to his family and dedicates all of his success to their unwavering support, especially that of his late mother, Amelita Oyangoren. 


Frank Galarza
Head Trainer

Frank "Notorious" Galarza is co-owner and head trainer at H.I.T. Factory.


In 2010, he was named Golden Gloves Champion and began his journey as a professional boxer shortly after.

Frank has been a world ranked boxer throughout his career. 


In 2013, Frank was dubbed "Brooklyn's Rocky" by famed newscaster Bruce Beck. He has been featured in Muscle & Fitness Magazine, as well as appearing on the YES Network's Boxing 30 program.


In 2014, he participated in his first televised fight and knocked out a then, undefeated favorite, 17 seconds into the first round. This knockout became a social media favorite amongst boxing enthusiasts.

Born and raised in Red Hook, Brooklyn, Frank's magnetic personality has made him stand out from the pack.


A natural born leader, Frank is extremely active outside the ring. He participates in countless fundraisers and is the founder of Youth Fighting Forward (YFF)- a foundation geared towards helping children avoid struggles that may prevent them from becoming the best versions of themselves. 


Frank's most cherished title is being a father to his daughter, Joy. 

Vanessa Palmese
Director of Operations

Vanessa Palmese is co-owner and Director of Operations and Member Services at H.I.T. Factory.


She holds a Bachelor's Degree in Human and Organizational Development from Vanderbilt University, and a Masters Degree in Professional Studies and Leadership from St. John's University.

A mom of three young children, Vanessa resides in Bay Ridge, Brooklyn. She is breaking into the fitness industry in New York City in order to help people learn to be the best version of themselves.


She is a firm believer in the idea that instilling self-confidence in other people can help them reach their highest potential. For Vanessa, exercise is not something that can only change your body, it can also change your thoughts and overall mindset.


She is dedicated to helping every single member of the H.I.T. Factory feel encouraged about themselves and their future. 


Claim Your $75 One Week Unlimited PAss!